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Jun 19 Juneteenth Film Festival



Juneteenth, Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, whichever you call it, we’re celebrating!
Juneteenth marks the anniversary of June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger read “General Order No. 3” in Galveston, Texas, declaring the liberation of those enslaved. A celebration of Black culture, freedom, and joy, Portland Juneteenth celebrations are credited to Clara Peoples, the “Mother of Juneteenth” who started larger celebrations in 1945 while working at the Kaiser shipyard. Juneteenth is a celebration of Black culture, freedom, and joy.

This year, Albina Vision Trust is hosting an evening film festival highlighting local Black filmmakers.
The short films being presented include: the premiere of Episode 1 of Black Bald Film/ Dru Holley’s Albina Mini Film Series, focusing on public safety; Elijah Hasan and Renee Mitchell’s “Black Nod; ” and episodes from the “Expressions in Black” series produced by Heart & Hustle Productions, led by Rashad Floyd.

Simultaneously, artist and visionary Sharita Towne will reveal a projection activation of the Portland Public Schools HQ building in a display that will honor Black elders who have long carried the torch for educational equity.

Happy Juneteenth, we’ll see you soon!



Por Qué No Taqueria
Portland Art Museum
Umpqua Bank
U.S. Bank
Northwest Film Center
Portland Bureau of Transportation

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