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Community Investment Plan

Building on the values, AVT will lead the next step of planning work with strong ties to the community and in communication with property owners, public partners, and potential outside investors who see themselves as fellow travelers in this work. This work will not be “business as usual” but rather a journey into innovation and creativity. The project is titled “Community Investment Plan” to indicate both community authorship as well as financial commitment to community and place building.

As the project develops there are many questions to be answered as we look for a path forward that is feasible and will result in sustained affordability. Defining that path with the community—including both architectural and financial feasibility—is the goal of this project. How will investment in Albina result in mixed-income housing, businesses, arts, and the elements of community all within a governance structure that assures affordability over time? The answers are not obvious; discussion will be complex and transparent, requiring give and take from all the players. The community, displaced residents, property owners, and innovative thinkers will all be invited to the table to contribute.


AVT has assembled a team with the expertise needed to take the vision to the next level: architecture/urban design, economics and development, community engagement, history and storytelling. These outstanding firms and individuals have both national credentials and local knowledge.

Marc Norman

Founder, Ideas and Action

Kayin Talton Davis

Owner and Designer, Soapbox Theory

Brie Hensold

Principal Urban Planner, Agency Landscape + Planning

Josh Shelton

El Dorado Inc

Cleo Davis

Owner and Designer, Soapbox Theory

Mike Wilkerson

Senior Economist, ECONorthwest

Othello H. Meadows III

Principal, The Meadows Group

Dru Holley

Director / Producer, Black Bald Films


AlbinaOne is the first development project in the Albina Vision, and will be comprised of 94-unit family-focused project, in the Eliot neighborhood of inner N/NE Portland.


These units are designed to counter the intentional displacement of Black people from the neighborhood due to urban renewal, freeway siting, and long-term gentrification. The mix of one, two and three-bedroom units will serve young Portlanders, notably those that work in the trades.


POICS + RAHS (Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center + Rosemary Anderson High School) will support residents with culturally specific education, mentoring, family outreach, employment training, and career placement services for Black and BIPOC households. Amenities at Albina One will include community rooms on the ground and top floors, on-site property management offices, secure bike parking, an outdoor plaza with garden and play areas, and 16 parking spaces.

CIP Phase II

Moving the Albina Vision, proposed in Phase I of the Community Investment Plan (CIP), forward in Phase II, we will begin the process of identifying the methods, strategies, and processes to re-imagine Lower Albina.


Phase II of the CIP is centered on planning and executing the vision of Lower Albina through building wealth, sustaining Black belonging, and accessing public space. Phase II includes ‘hubs’ for arts, education, entrepreneurship, and food; housing; and commercial properties. 

Center for Black Excellence

A youth centered community in Lower Albina designed to create opportunity for Portland’s next generation of Black people to build wealth and reclaim home. A new neighborhood in the city would allow for intentional design for the safety of Black and brown children in the urban environment.


Learn more:



I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project

For several years, AVT has been envisioning a new kind of community in the lower Albina area of Portland. The ground is special. lt is a place where the racial inequity of urban renewal came, then came again, and again. Promises were made and broken. Black people and immigrants were displaced. Wealth was taken. The construction of lnterstate 5 (l-5) was central to this unjust history and any future investment in the area should strive to repair the damage done.


Numerous community assets will be impacted bythe proposed RQIP. Harriet Tubman Middle School and the many children of the future who will spend their days in lower Albina will forever be impacted by unsafe surface routes and elevated emissions. AVT advocates that future highway plans prioritize children and connect neighborhoods. lf we work together with this in mind, a new kind of community will emerge – one that recognizes the past and puts all of our children at its core.