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"Futures" art for the "Towards the Future: From Conceptual to Physical" set of Community Investment Plan workshops.


"Voice" art for the first round of the community investment plan workshops "We Hear You", highlighting the importance of the voice of Albina - young and old.

Historic Photo: Black United Front School Board protest, 1982 - City of Portland Archives


It's time. Time to make decisions about the future of Albina as a home and place of joy for Portland's Black communities. Time to determine what that means as we move forward with the design phase of this Community Investment Project. We've talked about joy, vitality, community, safety and legacy in our prior workshops, and now we - Albina Vision Trust and you, the community - are headed into establishing how we incorporate these details into a successful design.


I-5 and the Albina neighborhood are a hotbed of planning activity, with a big focus on the I-5 Rose Quarter project and the re-visioning of the lower Albina neighborhood. Join the Portland NAACP for a community conversation about the current opportunities and concerns surrounding the projects currently being debated along the I-5 corridor. Jeff Moreland, owner of Raimore Construction, and Winta Yohannes, executive director of Albina Vision Trust, presented their perspectives and answered questions from the community on May 30, 2021.


Each of us has a vision of what we'd like the future to be. It is something we hold close as we work to make tomorrow better than yesterday. Today, Albina Vision Trust asks you to share your vision. We want to make sure your voice is heard, and that we design the future of Albina together, honoring the district's history and African-American/Black community roots, and celebrating it into the future.


Black United Front Protest at the Portland Public Schools