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Joy! Initiative

Oct 17 Been Here, Still Here

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Oral traditions are part of the vibrancy and survival of Black communities. Add music to these stories, and they spread further, faster and truer to the original. By combining these elements in a celebratory event, it signals that AVT is adding a new chapter to the story of Black Portland.


Oct 18–Oct 27 Orientation Workshops

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More than 80 Portlanders in total participated in the three-day Orientation Workshops. Participation in the workshops increased steady—nearly doubling with each workshop—as awareness in the community grew. The final workshop in the series, held on Tuesday, October 27th, was the largest with 43 participants.


Nov 21 Hustle Highlight


Timed just before the holiday season, this event will highlight micro black-owned businesses. It will showcase the cultural impacts that so many of these businesses have made on the community. The result of the event will be to bring these business owners into the economic development and growth conversation for which they may otherwise be overlooked.


Dec 17–Dec 21 Programming Workshop


In conjunction with AVT, the Design Team hosted a series of Programming Workshops with the community to invite participation in visualizing what aspects of home and community are important to them. The Workshops were the second in an extensive public engagement process that also includes virtual Joy! events and on-going Community Dialog surveys. As such, the team detailed to the participants the overall planning process; where we have been previously, we are in that process now, and what is to come in the near future.


May 06–May 10 From Conceptual to Physical

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Join us as we look at three possible scenarios, each of which integrates community defined themes: a sense of belonging, access to nature, wealth built within the Black community, a rich variety of public spaces, and shared social support.