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Nov 08–Nov 08 Albina Rising – Revealing the Community Investment Plan

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What’s the plan? To keep growing and keep shining – and we’ve been making progress on both of those fronts.

It seems we just started working on the specifics of the Community Investment Plan just yesterday. But here we are, over a year and a half later, wrapping up the details to present to you, our community, how we plan to address the future – where Black Portland is thriving, healthy, growing – and rooted in Albina. Join us as we get into the details of wealth development, community spaces, cultural celebration, and the overall plan.


Nov 8, 2021 @ 6:00pm

Click this link to register (link will open in a new tab).

Interested in learning about how we got here? Check out the Community Investment Plan Roadmap page for a quick history of the past workshops and events.

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